Five kinds of medicine porridge

Five kinds of medicine porridge

Chrysanthemum Cassia porridge: take white chrysanthemum, grass cassia 10 grams each, rice 100 grams, a small amount of rock sugar.

Stir-fried grass cassia, and fry with chrysanthemum, add rice to cook porridge, add rock sugar when cooked, and cook a little.

Take 1 time daily.

This porridge can clear the liver, eyesight, lower blood pressure, or treat redness, swelling and pain, fear of light and tears, headache, dizziness, constipation and so on.

  Corn rice porridge: Take 50 grams of corn flour and 100 grams of rice.

Pour the rice first, add the right amount of water, and when the heat is boiled to nine maturity, pour in the corn flour, stir and pour until the porridge is cooked.

Eat daily for breakfast and dinner.

This porridge benefits the lungs and the heart, regulates the stomach, or treats palpitations, shortness of breath, poor appetite, and fatigue.

  Polygonum multiflorum: Take Polygonum multiflorum 30?
60 grams, red dates 3?
5 pieces, 100 grams of rice, brown sugar in moderation.

After frying Ho Shou Wu, remove the slag and take the juice, then increase the rice, cook the red dates together, and when cooked, add brown sugar or rock sugar, and cook for a while.

Take 1 daily?
2 times, even 7?
On the 10th, 5 days later, the next course of treatment will be started.

This porridge nourishes liver and kidney, nourishes qi and blood, can cure hyperlipidemia, liver and kidney cancer, and must have early whiteness, dizziness, tinnitus, soft waist and knees, and dry stool.

  Chrysanthemum porridge: take 15 grams of chrysanthemum buds (or young chrysanthemum), 100 grams of rice, and a moderate amount of rock sugar.

Wash the chrysanthemums, cut them into thin pieces, wash the rice, and crush the rock sugar. Put the three together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil with huohuo.

Take 1 time each morning and night.

This porridge can clear liver and eyesight, reduce blood pressure, and also treat dizziness, dizziness, nosebleeds and other symptoms.

  Hawthorn porridge: Take Hawthorn 30?
40 grams (fresh fruit 60?
90 grams), 100 grams of rice, 10 grams of sugar.

Hawthorn fry the juice, increase the rice and cook into a gruel. When cooked, add sugar and cook a little.

Take it daily, in the afternoon.

Hawthorn porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion of food, loose blood, reduce blood fat.