Shallow principle of adjusting mentality after breaking up

Shallow principle of adjusting mentality after breaking up

If you are sure that you haven’t come out of your relationship, then don’t contact him anymore, don’t think about calling him.

Accompanied by the distress of the man who has broken up, it is better to discuss with the handsome colleague who often works overtime to “carpool” home.

  Don’t go to any places that leave your good memories, including frequent convenience stores, supermarkets, art galleries, cinemas, French restaurants . If you happen to be colleagues, and you don’t want to leave this company for the time being, then make trouble again: Ask him to leave!

  Don’t leave any information about him on your blog: no thoughts, no memories, no wandering, no loneliness, nothing, just evaporate among others.

  What to do with his stuff?

Packed, please courier directly to his company.

Have a gift, if you still like it, if it is still practical, if you are not tired, just stay here!

Frugality and environmental protection have always been the greatest virtues of fashionable women.

  If he calls you, he must answer even if he doesn’t want to listen!

When he greets you how you are doing recently, wait for him to finish, then ask in a suspicious tone: Excuse me, who is it?

  If he says he wants to invite you to dinner one day, of course!

Be sure to go to the most expensive Western restaurant, order French snails, red wine steak, Arctic Besal salad and Haagen-Dazs, of course, he will not be AA with him, and finally smile and watch him clamp his heart to pay the bill, flash!

  His name and avatar on MSN or QQ should be completely transparent.

Don’t delete or use it, just freeze it temporarily, until you think you can “just be an old friend”.

  Keep a close distance with your mutual friends, there is no need to listen to his news, if he has a new girlfriend, since he is a big dinosaur, there is no need to comment in public, but just snicker in his heart.

Even if you accidentally bump into it, suppose he comes to greet him, his eyes fluttering slowly, until he is a stranger, and then continue to turn his head and go your way.

  The biggest jeopardy is to fight for the loss of love, to think about it, there may be a long period of time when no one asks for dinner to give a gift, it is even more necessary to tighten the purse to prevent overdrafts.

  If you’re getting married, don’t send him a post, and your ex-boyfriend isn’t the only one, isn’t he?

No need to turn your wedding into an ex-boyfriend concentration camp!