Four yoga moves to eliminate body toxins and ease


Four yoga moves to eliminate body toxins and ease

Type 1 Apana-style action essentials: supine, bend down to the chest (align and fold, feet apart), put your hands on the two laps, put your hands in this position throughout the exercise, suckWhen you are angry, straighten your elbows and slowly push your knees away from your body. When you exhale, replace your knees with your knees.

Repeat 10-20 times.

During the practice, the wrist should always be in contact with the ground, and the practice should use the victory breathing method.

If you feel pain in your lower limbs during practice, hold your back part close to your chest while holding a part of your chest. This relieves pain.

Efficacy: Helps to eliminate toxins in the body. This position helps to remove carbon dioxide from the lungs, promote digestion and absorption, and massage the body’s organs.

This position can also eliminate female pain and promote blood circulation. Pregnant women can also practice the Apara posture with their legs separated (as shown in the figure). Apana exercises can relieve pain. This simple and important yoga posture is alsoThe relative posture of many yoga poses with legs and hips involved in the exercise can help restore the coordination of the body and be very comfortable to do.

The second type of supine torsion action essentials: supine ground, vertical to the vertical direction, in line with the shoulder.

Inhale and raise your right leg upwards, grab your right foot or upper right position with your left hand, and lower your right leg to the left, towards the right.

At this point, try to keep the left leg straight forward, and the lower side of the shoulders will fall completely on the ground.

Keep 5-10 breaths.

The side change is completed.

Efficacy: This form can strengthen the liver and spleen function and reduce its discomfort.

This form also treats gastritis and enhances bowel function.

Keep all your abdominal organs healthy by regular practice.

As much as possible to improve the sprain and pain in the recovery of the tibia and fibula.

The third type of anterior flexion movement essentials: contraction, natural contraction of the spine, legs and shoulder width, hands naturally placed in the body.

Inhale, hold your arms close to your ears, lift your head up, and drive the entire spine down, with your hands on the ground and folded, palm down, press under the feet, exhale, so that the entire spine extends infinitely downward.

Efficacy: It is beneficial to supplement and enhance the energy in the body. It adjusts and balances the energy of the pelvic and abdominal cavity through the meridian. At the same time, it is also the first choice to eliminate the inflation gas in the body and improve constipation.


The fourth type of camel-style action essentials: cross-legged legs, hands on the waist, inhale to open the thorax, exhale the body to lean backwards, push the hips forward, the two arms bend and fold, and then contract to the distance, the eyes look toward the hand, keep 3?
5 breaths, inhalation brought back to the body.

Efficacy: fracture of the spine, promote blood circulation, dysregulation of gastrointestinal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, intestine), constipation has a regulating effect.