The twelve constellations make men’s second hard ecstasy action


The twelve constellations make men’s second hard ecstasy action

The 12-constellation man’s sexual desire switch for a man’s spike is very strange. Maybe you give him a long-term love, not as good as a casual one, let him spike.

Let your man get excited and think about the evil spirits, do you know?

Some kind of seemingly inadvertent action will make your man mad and think about it.

Different girls in the constellation have different temperaments. What is the most unstoppable action?

Let the lion burn the soul of the soul: the deep gaze because the lion enjoys the feeling of being affirmed, when you look at him with affectionate eyes, he will feel that you evoke a desire for him from the bottom of my heart, this is to make him burnThe fuse, when his eyes also emit bright light, then take action.

Let the virgin burning action: shy expression Virgo needs to prove something to act from time to time, similar to intimacy, he must make sure that you really need him, he dare to expose his true face.

Too active behavior usually makes Virgo feel very fake. I feel that these actions can be pretending. The shame that I really want when I am intimate is not disguised, so if you show a shy expression, he willI have to show a glory.

Let the Libra burn the soul of the action: the loose yukata scale is a constellation that you remind him that he is going backwards, so it must not be too hot with Libra. It is better to show a casual and lazy gesture, let him relax, he is inside.The blood will slowly circulate.

For example, after taking a bath and wearing a loose bathrobe and taking a leisurely step, he will feel that you are very charming. As a Libra man, he will take the initiative only when he is completely relaxed.

The action of letting the scorpion burns: Touching the joints, although the heart is choppy, it is by no means straightforward.

Scorpio is a constellation with a high degree of sexual cues, and, not only accept, they prefer to use dark methods to express their feelings. They like to use some key and help to convey all the inner waves.You and a Scorpio man are approaching the theme step by step, you may wish to start from the wrist, elbow, and other joints. They like the weight of the details, and the inner fanatic fire will instantly ignite.

Let the shooter burn the soul of the action: buddy shoot his shoulder shooter man is not afraid of women initiative, but also like the bold and unrestrained woman.

For example, in the process of personality, when you talk about it, you can pretend to stare at him like a buddy. This is equivalent to a double suggestion. One is: “I am relaxed enough to get close to you”, and the second is: “I am aThe daring to say that you dare to do, such a hint is enough for the shooter to ignite the fuse.

Let the konjac burn the soul of the action: tidy up the details of the horns, but the famous “Meng Sao” faction, the more you want, the more you have to show restraint.

So seduce them, and the more you swear, the better.

For example, when you are awkward, you are afraid of getting out of the light and tidying up your clothes. He will think: I haven’t done anything. Why do you have to organize your clothes?

This will lead to a series of associations, the more he wants to be more excited, and then the blood will boil.

Let the water bottle burn the soul of the action: Inadvertently show the jade foot bottle men’s favorite sexy is always very different, many water bottle men think that the most beautiful part of the woman is the two feet.

Especially the crystal clear, such as the white jade’s innocent foot, turned into a water bottle, the feet are so perfect, other places should be more innocent, this is a stunner that falls from the sky, is not a human being.

When he has such consciousness, I am afraid it is difficult to stop the impulse to make it.

Let the fish burn the spirit of the spirit: If you are close to the Pisces is a constellation that attaches great importance to the “gas field”, the atmosphere of the atmosphere tends to incite their lust more than direct and real contact.

When they are in a sly scene, it is best to create opportunities to come close to him in front of him. If you leave, in order to create a kind of awkward atmosphere around him, then Pisces man would like to “melt” himself in this kind of scene.Absolutely, it is one with you.

Let the Aries burn the soul of the soul: the temper of leaning the upper body on the Aries usually usually thinks before you start, so you lean down on the upper body, which is equivalent to suggesting that you can start attacking.

Of course, if you can inadvertently expose the cleavage, it will make him move more quickly.

Let the golden calf burn the soul of the soul: licking the lips Taurus is a typical sensuality, the most textured part of the lips can cause Taurus’s appetite, it is best to just finish drinking water or shower to achieve fullnessThe effect, the Taurus man just wants to go forward and swallow you.

The action of letting the twins burn: the man who plays with the twins can’t stand the smart side of the woman’s bones. He always thinks that this is playing a soul game with him, chasing and playing.

And the woman’s blue silk hair is the most spiritual part, so playing in the front of the Gemini male is to use the smart hair to pull him for you.

Let the giant crab burn the spirits of action: the gentle breathing of the moon dominated Cancer is difficult to express its impulses straight away, unless he realizes that the other side is very deep inside the fluctuations, he will put down all the alert.

The gentle breathing of a woman is the true expression of inner desire, that is, gentleness, and requires a very subtle perceptual power to achieve. In the ear of the Cancer man, let him hear the frequency of your breathing, he will not be self-sustaining.