Why can Qianlong live so long, people in health care are puzzled


Why can Qianlong live so long, people in health care are puzzled

To say that any occupation in the ancient times is the most laborious, there is no doubt that it is the emperor.

The life of the emperors in Chinese history is very short, because the decision-making power of a country is in the hands of one person. Every day, there are endless chapters waiting to be dealt with. How can it not be tired?

Some people say that if you don’t have to deal with political affairs, you don’t have to worry about it.

In fact, those who are faint are enjoying themselves all day long, but few people have a good end, most of them have been tampered with the position and lost their lives. Instead, it is better to be a safe and stable.

However, there is still an emperor in Chinese history. He lived to the age of eighty-nine. He is the longest-lived emperor. He is Qianlong.

So what means does he get longevity?

We all know that longevity must be good, and it must be good. If you are sulking all day long, you will definitely get sick.

The Emperor Qianlong was a very open-minded person. Although he knew that there was such a big corrupt official, he could understand that there were still few corrupt officials in the dynasty.

Although sympathetic, it is quite easy to do things.

Moreover, the emperor needs such people around him, in order to maintain the balance between the officials on the court. The officials can not communicate with each other, but they are better managed. This makes the Emperor Qianlong save too much.

In addition, Emperor Qianlong likes to go out to play in the palace, while patrolling the officials underneath, giving them some pressure and thus comforting themselves.

Moreover, the life of the Emperor Qianlong is indeed very self-disciplined. It is also reasonable to think about it carefully. At this age, there is nothing to pursue except to enjoy the fun of years.

He is very interested in all kinds of health secrets, as long as it is a bit reasonable, he will be willing to try.

He likes to drink, but he never drinks too much; he has a lot of harem, but he never indulges himself.

From this point of view, Qianlong’s life and work can be described in one word, that is, stability, what is done is just right, not at all, and self-control is really powerful!

However, these cannot be the real reason for Qianlong’s longevity. To talk about the key, it is the merit of health products.

The daily precipitation of the Emperor Qianlong contained various kinds of supplements, which were the superior goods of various tributes.

Moreover, there is a doctor who gives him personal conditioning for the medicated diet, so the Emperor Qianlong can really say that it is very luxurious.

He is willing to eat, what ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and the like have never been broken, and his drinking water is a natural spring, this diet has also laid a good foundation for Qianlong’s body, which has become the key to his longevity.


Therefore, in an era where the average life expectancy is very short, it is always important for a person to live longevity, healthy habits and know how to maintain health, but the most important thing is to exploit the superior life of the working people.

One person in Qianlong traveled in the Forbidden City. I don’t know how many people can spend more time working for him. How many people are looking for medicine and medicine to study hard at night and night, how many people are digging in the mountains, how many people are farming in the farmland.

Even because of his insomnia, a disease, how many people are different.

He was comfortable and lived to the age of eighty-nine, but this was all the work of others.