New age mom starts loving herself from petting skin


New age mom starts loving herself from petting skin

Women must take good care of their skin, because a streak in the corner of their eyes, a spot on their cheeks, etc. are all natural enemies of a woman, and it is more important to take care of a woman as a mother.

From a professional perspective, women at this time are beginning to test for aging in terms of skin elasticity and collagen content. From the external factors, they also have to bear more balance between life and career, and balance between family and themselves.pressure.

In the message, she believes that the new age mother who pursues a refined life should start loving herself from pampering her skin.

  Expectant mothers are essential to clean and moisturize the skin condition: pigmentation, stretch marks and erythema, easy to develop acne. Skin care points: cleansing and moisturizing. Essential care products: cleaning and moisturizing products, sunscreen. “You cannot use any cosmetics when you are pregnant.

This is the experience that many people have told expectant mothers, so many expectant mothers stop makeup during pregnancy, and even reduce the daily routine of care to a minimum, because some people have heard that cosmetics will enter the blood lymphatic circulation after being absorbed by the skin, especiallyIt is a lipstick that is eaten directly and affects the development of the fetus.

  Do not use make-up, especially lipstick. Dr. Xie, Department of Dermatology, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, said that the absorption of cosmetics through the skin is very small, and most of the product ingredients cannot penetrate into the skin at all, let alone enter the blood circulation, but weThe toxins received from contaminated food, water, and air are far greater than this harmful range, of course, a series is the use of safe, distance cosmetics.

“However, we recommend to expecting mothers not to use makeup, especially lipstick.

In addition, some experts reminded that functional skin care products need special attention. Mercury-containing whitening products and acne-removing products with salicylic acid can cause a variety of pregnancy syndromes or deformities.

  Skin care advice: Cleansing and moisturizing are essential basic care for expectant mothers every day, but you must choose products without hormones and any irritating ingredients. Some drug brands have special care series for pregnant women.

Use essential oil products with caution, because essential oils are absorbed quickly by the skin, and many essential oils can be harmful to pregnant women.

According to lipstick, because it contains pigment, of course, it is also better to use less, usually you can use honey or vitamin E to moisturize lips.

  Facial massage DIY forehead-Place the middle and ring fingers of the left and right hands on the forehead, and do small circular massages from the forehead to the left and right sides respectively; after 6 consecutive rounds of massage, gently press on the left and right temples.

  Corner of the eye-Use both fingers to insert the lower orbit from both sides of the eye and massage for 6 small circles, then bypass the eye socket and return to the corner of the eye and press gently.

  Around the eyes-Use your fingers to do a circular massage around your eyes. After 6 rounds of massage, gently press on your temples.

  Nose-Use your fingers to slide down from the temple along the forehead and nose bridge, and do a small circle massage on both sides of the nose, massage a total of 8 small circles, massage from top to bottom.

  Mouth-Put your hands and fingers on your lips, and make 8 small circular massages on the corners of your mouth and chin. Then use your two fingers to point the corners of your mouth from your chin, and massage up to your lips, then from your lips to your chin.

  Cheek-Use two fingers of both hands to make a large circle massage around the cheeks, a total of 8 times, and then gently press to the temple; put your four fingers together, and pat with the left and right alternately on the top, while slap 60 back and forthDo it 3 times.

  Tip-Use the four fingers of both hands to massage on the appropriate top, and gradually massage to the back of the ear with self-alignment, and massage a total of 6 times.

  Skin condition: melanin precipitation, dull face, lack of water, T-shaped oil skin care points: sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-oxidant essential care products: sunscreen, anti-oxidant moisturizer Skin condition of this age’s mother has stabilizedStage, and began to have a curly tendency: the skin is more delicate but insufficient in elasticity; the skin is easily sensitive and prone to pigmentation; the secretion of sebaceous glands gradually decreases, but the T-shaped part of the oil secretion is still very strong; fine lines appear on the forehead and the eyes, and mostIt is false wrinkles. This is the early stage of real wrinkles. If you do not pay attention to antioxidants, it is very easy to form real wrinkles.

  The state of the body’s skin is also in the contraction stage. In order to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, body moisturizing skin care products should be used.

  In terms of body shape, younger mothers start to lose their muscle strength and plasticity when they have a child, and they can easily become very strong and strong.

Starting at the age of 26, the metabolic rate of mothers has decreased. If you maintain the same diet and exercise frequency as before, you will find that you are slowly gaining weight, or your weight has not changed, and your waist and hips have become thicker.

  Skin care suggestion: Strengthen moisturizing care for newly wrinkled areas, especially eye cream and eye gel; avoid external factors that damage the skin barrier and cause dry and dehydrated skin. Pay special attention to sun care and after-sun care.

  Eliminate fatigue exercises: Young mothers have a tight work rhythm. It is best to stick to a set of anti-fatigue exercises every morning and evening, which can quickly restore physical strength.

  Action 1: Stand upright, stand with your feet close together, relax your shoulders; tilt your upper body forward, then lean back, aiming not to bend, and try to reach the limit when you go back.

This repetitive exercise lasts for one minute, and both hands naturally swing with the upper body while cooperating with deep breathing.

  Action two: stand upright, stand with your feet close together, relax your shoulders; use the waist as the axis, turn your upper body to the left, and your eyes are looking at your right heel; after you are upright, turn your upper body to the right, and your eyes are at your left heel;It lasts for one minute; both hands naturally swing with the upper body, while cooperating with deep breathing.

  Action 3: Stand upright with your feet separated by shoulder-width two. Stand firmly; your body’s center of gravity is to the left, your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Start the bow-stretching action from your chest and pull to the left and right to the limit.Move right; alternate left and right for one minute.

40岁妈妈着重修复皮肤皮肤特性:干燥,无光泽,黑斑,皱纹护肤要点:紧肤,补水,去角质必备保养品:防晒品,精华素,具有淡化细纹功效的抗衰老产品  从30Beginning at the age of age, skin lesions of women’s skin become more and more obvious, the stratum corneum increases, the skin becomes rough, the skin begins to darken, wrinkles and pigmentation appear; sebum secretion decreases, the skin is prone to dryness, and is often sensitive.

According to the degree of aging of each person, the fine lines of some people become more and more obvious, and some may also be accompanied by other aging phenomena, such as dark spots.

  Body skin is also prone to fading. In addition to reasonable cleaning habits and regular life, integrated system maintenance should be performed.

An alternative to acidic skin care products to remove dead cells on the skin surface and promote the growth of new cells. Regularly use a scrub to remove aging cuticles from the skin and be a SPA that replenishes moisture.

  Skin care advice: Use a nutritional mask to apply and massage your face once a week. 3?
Within 5 minutes is the best time to apply skin care products. At this time, use appropriate anti-aging products.

  Recommended product FANCL Wrinkle Rejuvenating Essence: no preservatives, soft texture, rich but not sticky, the core ingredient is “silibinin wrinkle rejuvenating microcapsules”, which can eliminate protein and maintain current collagenThe protein is healthy and slows down its aging, while improving the ability to synthesize new collagen in the future.

  Estee Lauder Miracle Touch Eye and Lip Repair Essence Pen: This pen can penetrate the essence into the depth of wrinkles accurately and instantly smooth the fine lines and wrinkles. It is suitable for expression lines on any part of the face, especially for delicate eyes and eyes.Lips.

  Mothers over 40 years of age add skin gel skin characteristics: deepening wrinkles, sagging cheeks Skin care key points: anti-wrinkle, enhance essential care products: sunscreen, anti-wrinkle products with firming effect, said Ms. Fang, technical director of Taiwan HBM beauty body management system,The loss of years and the increase of skin moisture and the skin gradually increase. From the age of 40, the aging of women’s skin will develop at an unprecedented rate. After 50 years of age, the moisture, nutrition and regeneration capacity of skin cells decline again. At this time, the skinReduced glial and elastin, reduced skin cell regeneration ability.
  In terms of body shape, women over the age of 40 can easily accumulate trace amounts, but it is more difficult to lose weight, because before the age of 40, people’s own energy consumption is constantly carried out, and after the age of 40, this ability will decrease every 10 years5%.

  Skin care recommendations: Maintain good sleep, regular skin massage can increase skin elasticity; be sure to apply wrinkle removal night cream and eye cream to sleep, so that the skin absorbs sufficient nutrients at night.
  Recommended product HR extreme beauty cream: through dual network dual weaving network technology, the core formula “BIO-SAP plant essence microcapsules” is released stably and lastingly, the essence of precious plants is deepened, allowing the skin to drink life essence, and fully combat the skin5 major aging phenomena.

  Lancome Golden Pure Beauty Series: This is Lanc?me’s exclusive skincare product for 40-year-old women. The core ingredient, Pro-Xylane, can help rejuvenate the skin by restoring the “intercellular substance” structure and restore the skin’s fullness at its best.And elastic.

  When doing chores with vinegar bubble hands after doing housework, your hands will inevitably come into contact with various alkaline chemicals, rubbing and squeezing repeatedly, and your hands will be wet and dry, dry and wet, which will most likely lead to dry skin.Dehydration, forming housewife hands.

Put on gloves when washing, and soak your hands with vinegar and water after doing housework to achieve effective skin care.

Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the warm water in the half-basin. After mixing, immerse your hands in it and massage alternately.

Generally, it can be massaged from the back of the hand to the fingertips, and then from the fingertips to the back of the hands, about 10 minutes.

Dry your hands and apply hand cream.