9 misunderstandings of fashion life


9 misunderstandings of fashion life

Myth 1: It’s healthy to go to bed early and get up early. We all think that it’s good to go to bed early and get up early. If you don’t sleep before 11:30, you will miss the beauty time, and you must sleep on your foot to get healthy.

As everyone knows, sleep is determined according to people’s physical needs. As time goes by, the release of melatonin related to sleep is getting earlier and earlier, so the elderly may go to bed early, get up early, and conform to the natural physiological clock.

Young people, especially those who are still developing, are in a period of vigorous metabolism, as long as they follow their own physiological clock.

There is no need to sleep like some middle-aged people at 10 o’clock in the evening, but it is better not to exceed 12 o’clock in the evening, because 11:30 pm to 1:30 am is the growth hormone secretion time. Missing this time will affect development, andIt will lead to the growth of young people who are growing up, and adults tend to get older.

銆€銆€Myth 2: Brush your teeth after meals for your mouth and teeth. Do you have to brush your teeth after eating?

Quite the opposite!

The latest research by stomatologists believes that brushing your teeth immediately after a meal is harmful to your teeth.

Because our teeth have a layer of enamel on the surface of the crown, just after eating, especially if you have eaten acidic food, this layer of enamel becomes soft.

At this time, brushing your teeth will never protect you, and it will easily cause damage to the enamel.

After a long time, the enamel of the teeth will gradually decrease, which will easily cause people to suffer from allergies of the teeth. When eating, the teeth will have symptoms of acid and pain.

So if you want to remove the food odor in your mouth, you can rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth after 1-2 hours.

銆€銆€Myth 3: Non-exercise muscles will turn into adults. Some MM always insist on exercise. Exercise is a good habit. It is the best way to keep fit and healthy, but some MM has become forced exercise.

They feel that if they stop exercising, the muscles that have already been exercised will become paralyzed.

In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. This situation will not happen.

Muscles are muscles, and they are sputum.

There is no mutual conversion between the two.

銆€銆€Myth 4: Diet + exercise = weight loss Many female friends are dissatisfied with their body, always thinking about losing weight, they often use diet and exercise, but if you think that as long as you can do all this to ensure weight loss, thenIt’s a big mistake.

Because maybe you overlook another major factor: that is the problem of sleep.

We should not pay attention to the relationship between weight gain and sleep, because lack of sleep can lead to our appetite.

It may also cause us to be mentally unhappy or fatigued. Invisible pressure is formed. Everyone has the normal sleep time they need. If the sleep time is shortened, even if the difference is only one hour, it will cause hormonal imbalance in the body.Skin causes obesity problems.

銆€銆€Myth 5: Every 8 cups of water a woman’s hydrating work is urgent and can’t be ignored. In addition to the skin needs to drink water, every kidney in our body needs to “drink”.

There is a popular saying that women drink 8 glasses of water a day.

This statement is supported by many people and is practiced.

But in fact, the amount of water that everyone needs is different. Sometimes drinking more is not only unhelpful and healthy, it will cause the burden on the kidneys!

銆€銆€The water we absorb can be excreted in addition to excretion of sweat or breathing. It also needs to be replenished with the kidneys to metabolize. If the water is too much, it will increase the amount of glucose drainage and increase the burden of high blood pressure.Functional failure affects the health of the kidneys.

銆€銆€Moreover, we can also consume water in our daily diet. The moisture of fruits, drinks, etc. should also be included in the daily water transport, so we need to control the amount of extra water, otherwise it will overdose, kidney disease.Or heart disease patients even need to limit water to avoid life-threatening.

銆€銆€Myth 6: Women who can’t eat at night and love beauty will restrain themselves from eating at night, in addition to losing weight, there are factors of health.

Is it too late for dinner because we can’t consume these variables while sleeping?

This depends on the situation. Eating at night late in the evening generally does not result in a slight increase, unless the amount of your day greatly exceeds your usual amount of transfer.

Unless you are eating ice cream, fried chicken, potato chips and other high-conversion foods at night.

Moreover, if you do a good job in one day and consume too much energy, eating something at night will not lead to obesity.

銆€銆€Myth 7: Body shaping underwear is a good figure for women who are eager to have a perfect body, and the appearance of body shaping underwear has saved a large number of women who are not satisfied with their body shape.

Put on a set of underwear with body sculpting effect, the beautiful curve immediately presents in front of everyone, making you confident.

Then, when you put the shaping underwear on your body, can you really shape it in series?

In fact, the body shaping underwear tightly covers the body, affecting the normal blood circulation and sweat excretion, which will cause the vulva to drift and bacteria to multiply.

Girls wearing tights for a long time will affect development and induce diseases such as breast hyperplasia or cysts.

Women’s abdomen has many important organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, etc. If you wear a corset for a long time, it will cause muscle tension and physiological functions will be affected.

銆€銆€Myth 8: Chinese medicine should be hot and drink when the mother helps us to cook Chinese medicine, always add a sentence, hurry to drink hot, otherwise it will be useless.In fact, the general Chinese medicine decoction should be “warm clothes”, which is to drink at room temperature.

Chinese medicines such as pills and loose powder should also be taken with warm water. This is also a kind of warm clothes.

Partly important, such as divergent cold and other Chinese medicine for sweating and cold, you should “hot clothes”, you can also eat hot porridge, hot water after eating the medicine, help to exert the power.

There are also some detoxification, heat-clearing drugs, especially the Chinese medicine for summer heat, the “cold clothes” effect is better.

銆€銆€Myth 9: Washing the intestines is a new concept of detoxification and detoxification. Every day, we will implant more or less harmful ingredients. These “poisons” accumulate in our bodies will form toxins. Now many people insist on using the method of washing the intestines.Let your body have no stools, no accumulation of toxins, and thus clear the garbage inside the body, but also help the role of beauty, make the skin transparent and shiny.

Some people choose to use the method of fasting to detoxify, that is, one day in a week, not eating, only eating fruit or drinking honey water, can also eliminate the role of body toxins.

In fact, these are not really good ways to detoxify. Our Chinese medicine practitioners also talk about detoxification, which discharges toxins in daily bowel movements, urination and sweating.

Also pay attention to a balanced diet, through a healthy diet to remove toxins.

銆€銆€The washing of the intestines tends to make the intestines thicker, and repeated iterations can cause the intestinal tract to paralyze, eventually leading to some human factors.

The fasting and detoxification method also imposes a burden on the stomach and intestines, so the method of detoxification should be used.