OL’s S-shaped figure is made with yoga!

OL’s S-shaped figure is made with yoga!

By doing yoga, you can modify the body curve, exercise for a long time to lose weight, and moderately adjust your body shape.

  Yoga’s movements are slow. When using Dantian to take a deep breath in the abdomen to accumulate oxygen supply in the body, you can borrow a variety of different postures of yoga to fill a small amount of muscles and ligaments in the body, which is quite good in training the softness of muscles and bones.Effect.

In particular, the movement of the tapered spine stimulates the autonomic nerves and promotes metabolism. After a lesson, the patient suffers from wheezing and sweating.

  The weight loss effect of yoga is not as immediate and obvious as aerobic exercise, but continuous long-term practice of yoga can modify the uniform curve of the whole body. You will notice the waist and abdomen position when you practice, and you will obviously become loose and fit when wearing clothes.Also more shapely.

  Early morning, before breakfast is the best time for yoga exercises. You can also practice in the evening or at other times, but make sure to practice on an empty stomach or three or four hours after a meal. In the case of drinking more water, it is best to drink it afterIt took half an hour to start the practice.

Generally you can practice asana in the morning, practice meditation at night, and practice forty minutes a day.

  Morning bedside yoga sets the tone for the entire day and creates a calm and contentment that lasts all day.

It has four basic steps: First, take two to three minutes of deep breathing. During the preparation process, it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles and obtain a calm and peaceful mental state.

  Second, lie flat on the bed, legs close together, stretch to both sides, bend the right leg, place it on the left leg, turn the head, look at the right arm, keep left and right for 10 seconds, do it in another direction and do it againIt can stimulate the skull, chest and neck, stimulate digestion, activate the nervous system and improve alertness.

  Third, lie flat on the bed, with your feet close together, your toes pushed forward, your toe bone broken, over your head, kept separate, as wide as your shoulders, separated by your fingertips, your elbows straight, your legs extended along your toes, and kept shortState for 10 seconds, normal breathing, it can stimulate circulation and breathing, improve posture, increase self-confidence, and build a sense of inner strength.

  Fourth, lie flat on the bed, put your hands forward, palms facing each other, stretch your hands over head, keep palms facing each other, bend your right leg, hold one foot against the left leg, so hold it for 10 seconds, it can step on and characterize the tibia, stretch and twistEstablish a calm, positive external appearance and increase attention.