Do not use aphrodisiac as a sex straw

Do not use aphrodisiac as a “sex” straw

Although aphrodisiacs are not intoxicable poisons, they are not chewing gums that can be chewed at will.
It is a special medicine that healthy people should never be deceived.
  In “Jin Ping Mei”, the story of Xi Menqing asking for “aphrodisiac” from Hu Seng is described. After receiving the aphrodisiac, Xi Menqing should take it whether he is in a husband or wife or has an affair outside.
  Regarding “aphrodisiac medicine” (also known as “aphrodisiac medicine” in ancient times), ancient Chinese traditional Chinese medicine had always had this part, which generally refers to drugs that can stimulate and enhance sexual desire.
These prescriptions are divided into oral and external use, with food and drugs taken internally, mostly for nourishing and strong products; external use of medicinal solution, external washing of the genitals, external wipes of the genitals, and vaginal medication, etc., mostly contain some irritating drugsIt is usually eliminated after sexual excitement.
  In traditional Chinese medicines in China, warm kidney and aphrodisiac drugs are most likely to have anorectic functions, but most of them are weak.
Common plant and mineral medicines, such as aconite, cinnamon, epimedium, poplite, etc .; animal medicines include bullwhip, dogwhip, donkey kidney and the like, as well as deer antler, late silkworm moth, nine incense insects, hippocampus and so on.
Therefore, the ancients often used compound prescriptions to take effect.
Recently, some ancient people’s compounds were made with modern craftsmanship, such as “Chinese macho”, “Hippocampus Sanshen Pill” and so on.
  In modern times, there are aphrodisiac-like drugs, such as “sex drugs” or “aphrodisiacs”.
These drugs are basically chemical synthetic drugs, and most of them contain sex hormones, such as testosterone propionate, methyltestosterone, nandrolone phenylpropionate, chorionic gonadotropin, etc., have anorectic effects, and are powerful and effective.
However, the ancients said that “the desire to provoke people to grow old” and “fang to promote short life.”
If the drug user is uncontrollable, indulge in sexual labor, or even use aphrodisiac to support sexual life, then the milder astringency of the aphrodisiac will cause the body to suffer irrecoverable damage; in the serious case, it may cause testicular atrophy and pituitary secretion hormone disordersCause adverse consequences.
  There is such a set of shots in the movie “Closing the Curtain”: killing deer, sawing velvet, receiving deer blood, the Emperor Xianfeng drank it all . Although Emperor Xianfeng’s death was multifaceted, he was overly greedy and should not drink it when appropriate.The deer blood of “the most complete sun in heaven and earth” is not unrelated.
  A doctor in the Qing dynasty recorded this in “The Secret Records of the Shishi”: “A person with sores on their heads and horns was as heavy as a mountain at that time, and became blue and purple on the second day, and died on the third day.
This is also poisonous gas attacking the heart.
This disease is so good that it is delicious aphrodisiac . “This sentence also describes in detail the harm that aphrodisiac may cause to the human body.
If you take aphrodisiac for a long time, even if you stop taking the medicine, you will often have low sexual function and even cause impotence.
  In fact, most of the effects of these aphrodisiacs in ancient room surgery have yet to be verified.
Even if there are some prescriptions that have been tested, since the Song Dynasty, doctors have gradually realized that they cannot be applied blindly, and should be treated based on syndromes.
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