[How to make scrambled eggs with loofah]_ scrambled eggs with loofah _ how to do _ practice Daquan

[How to make scrambled eggs with loofah]_ scrambled eggs with loofah _ how to do _ practice Daquan

  Loofah scrambled eggs are a favorite part of many people, but most people do n’t make this dish. In fact, the method of scrambled eggs with loofah is very simple. As long as you remember the steps, you can quickly learn.

Now let ‘s learn about the three ways to make scrambled eggs with loofah!

One loofah scrambled egg: one loofah, two eggs, a few dried wolfberries.

The eggs are broken, and the dried wolfberry is soaked in water. Add a small spoon of water to the eggs and stir well. After the pan is heated and poured in oil, first pour in the egg liquid and fry the eggs to 8 to mature.Turn into a hob block; heat the pot again, lightly oil, fry the loofah and soft goji berries for about half a minute, then pour in the eggs, stir well, hook thinly before cooking, add salt and mix after turning off the heatIt can be done evenly; the loofah is about one minute in total, from adding the pot to adding the eggs to the pot.

Luffa scrambled eggs two: Luffa, eggs, oil, salt, cooking wine, green onion each amount.

Will eggs 2?
3, add a small amount of salt, cooking wine.

Stir well and set aside.

Peel or slice the loofah for later use.

Heat the wok into the oil with violent fire, and wait until the oil temperature rises and pour into the egg frying bowl.

Heat the wok into the oil with scorching heat, and pour the loofah until the oil temperature rises. Add the cooked eggs and fry. Then add salt according to your taste.

Three scrambled eggs of loofah: 2 loofahs and 3 eggs.

Peel the loofah, cut and roll the blade, boil the water in the pot, and pour the loofah into the water.

After pouring in the loofah, the water can be removed again after boiling.

If you want to keep the color green, rinse with cold water.

Don’t use it for fear.

The eggs are scattered and the oil is in the pan.

Turn into egg flowers and remove for later use.

Put oil in the pan, sauté the shallots, pour the loofah with water and stir-fry with salt.

After frying for 30 seconds, you can add the eggs.

Don’t be too verbose when you stir up together, 20?
30 seconds is enough.