Stick to it, lose weight will be achieved in the walk


Stick to it, lose weight will be achieved in the walk

Stick to it and lose weight will be achieved.

And this training includes a lot of skills and exercises.

銆€銆€Grasp the essentials, you should pay attention to the following points when the feet are landing.

Keep your head up: The bottom of the jaw should always be parallel to the ground.

Imagine a rope that takes you straight from the top of your head to the entire spine.


Abdomen: tighten the abdominal muscles.

Straight back, which will gradually help you improve your obesity.

The hunchback pose only causes the burden on the joints, as well as the front.

Soreness in the legs and chest muscles.


Naturally bend the elbow: bend the elbow at 90 degrees and move your hand in an arc between the waist and the buttocks. Do not move too high. When twisting the arm, the upper arm should be level with the ground as much as possible.The arm swing should be in the opposite direction to the feet.


Cultivate the pace of nature: Exaggerated steps do not mean that you are going back.

On the contrary, it will cause muscle pain in the calves and buttocks.

Sometimes it leads to the expected anti-strength and wastes physical strength.

Only the more pace you move per minute, you can go faster and faster.

It is the pace you really want to repeat the big strides and small steps and find the pace that will not have the resilience.


Make good use of the foot: Maybe this gait looks awkward.

But the walking athletes did move very beautifully.

Each step is the movement of the heel, the soles of the feet, and the toes, with the heels facing the ground, the force passing through the soles of the feet, and then pushing the toes off the ground.