Breathing Principles of Hatha Yoga

Breathing Principles of Hatha Yoga

The right way to breathe is the soul of Hatha Yoga.

Let’s learn the breathing principle of Hatha Yoga, which is a little difficult in yoga.

  When practicing an asana, especially the unfamiliar asana method, you can use natural breathing to master the asana process first.

When you are familiar with it, combine the correct breathing methods.

When you are proficient, you will naturally use your breath to complete the asanas, and it will give you the feeling of being in one go.

That is a perfect combination.

  1. Inhale when the body is opened, expand the chest and heart, and increase and decrease, and exhale when closed.

  2. The body folds forward slightly and exhales; the body opens (folds), shrinks, opens, and inhales when it expands.

  3. The twisting process of twisting poses is generally done by exhaling.

  4, in the use of weight to complete the contraction, you should use exhalation to further break the body, some plow.

  5. For some asanas, you may start to miss it all at once. At this time, you can use breathing to follow up further.

Specific breathing methods, what kind of breathing you use to enter that asana, continue to use that breathing to deepen.