How to get acne marks at both ends-teach you how to DIY natural acne marks


How to get bladder marks?

Teach you how to DIY natural acne marks

How to get bladder marks?

Acne and acne marks are the natural enemies of beauty. The acne makes the face completely esthetic, and some beautiful eyebrows leave serious acne marks due to acne, acne, etc. So, what can be done to quickly and cleanHow to get rid of the stubborn acne marks on the arm of the eyebrows?

Today, Xiaobian accepts several DIY natural ways to remove acne marks for your eyebrows, so that the acne marks completely disappear, and it is no longer difficult to restore smooth skin. Come check it out!

  DIY natural acne marks method 1: Apple anti-inflammatory and acne marks are present because the toxins and bacteria left by the acne skin remain on the surface of the skin in the form of acne marks. If the acne marks disappear, you mustAnti-inflammatory and sterilizing the skin before acne marks can be resolved.

  Cuties can prepare a fresh apple, and then prepare a cup of boiling water that has just been boiled. First, cut the apple into small slices, and then soak the apple skin in the boiling water until the apple slice becomes soft. Then remove the apple slice and apply it.If there is acne mark on the skin, apply a layer of masking paper, hold it for half an hour, remove it, and finally wipe the surface with a clean paper towel.

This method can help anti-inflammatory and sterilization of acne marks and make acne marks disappear quickly.

  DIY natural acne-removing method 2: Ginger tablets rubbing acne-removing ginger tablets is very helpful for removing facial blemishes and removing acne marks. Beauty-cutting people can cut ginger into small flakes and acne on the face.Gently wipe the obvious parts of the mark, which can effectively help the skin anti-inflammatory and sterilize, and improve the effect of healing acne marks.

Ginger tablets are often used to wipe the facial skin, and the acne marks will soon disappear.

  DIY Natural Acne Removal Method 3: Vitamin E Absorption Acne Removal Vitamin E is a good product for beauty and skin care. It can penetrate into the skin and exert its moisturizing effect. At the same time, vitamin E can also ensure that the skin is moisturized and elastic.Vitamin E can be used to eliminate skin scars, which is very effective.

Pore the vitamin E capsule with a small needle, take out the internal liquid and apply it on the acne marks, gently massage for ten minutes, and apply it every night. Fighting acne marks is a long-lasting battle. As long as you persist, you will get good results.effect.
  DIY Natural Acne Removal Method 4: Vitamin C is applied to the face. In addition to vitamin E, vitamin C also has a good skin care effect. Vitamin C can mainly help skin whiten and tender. Because most of the acne imprints are formed by the accumulation of melaninThen, using vitamin C to fight acne marks is also a very good choice.

Grind the vitamin C tablets, mix them in a moisturizing toner, and mix them into a mud. Then apply it on the part where the acne marks are serious, and then stick the film on it. Wash it with water for half an hour.

If you persist for a long time, the acne marks will disappear quickly.

While helping the skin to remove acne marks, it can also whiten the skin very well!