[How to mix the juice of cold preserved eggs]_ practices _ production skills

[How to mix the juice of cold preserved eggs]_ practices _ production skills

The cold preserved egg is loved by many people, and it is also a relatively common method of preserved egg. The method of cold preserved egg is very simple and requires less ingredients. The most important thing is the seasoning of cold preserved egg. The main purpose of the sauce is to use some rice vinegar., Use sesame oil, oyster sauce and other materials to adjust the juice. The adjusted juice is poured on the cold preserved eggs and tastes richer. It has a good effect of clearing the lungs and reducing heat and reducing heat.

How to mix the juice of cold preserved eggs, cucumber and peanuts turn into eggs 1, wash the prepared cucumber with water, and then peel off the skin.

Wash the eggs and remove the shells for later use.

2. Pat the washed cucumber flat with a knife. Remember not to apply too much force to prevent the cucumber from being too crushed.

Then use the cucumber to cut into pieces, and turn the eggs into pieces.

3. Take out the plate and place the cut cucumber and egg on the plate.

If you want to be beautiful, you can put your own shape on the plate when you put it on.

4. Cut the garlic and ginger into grains and set aside.

5. Take out a small bowl of seasoning juice, add sesame oil, raw soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt, and sugar with sesame sauce. Take out the appropriate amount and stir together.

6. Heat the pot and pour in an appropriate amount of sesame oil. After the oil heats up (the kind that smokes), take out a clean pot or large bowl. Remember that there should be no water in it to prevent hot oil from splashing out.

Pour hot oil into it and let it cool down.

7. Then clean the peanuts and pour them into a wok.

Don’t make the fire too big, small or medium.

Use a spatula to stir fry constantly, so that the peanuts are evenly heated.

8. Wait until there is no sound of the peanut rice in the pot, it means that the peanut rice is cooked. At this time, the peanut rice is filled out and cooled in a bowl.

9, then take out the eggs, put the ginger and garlic first, and then add the cool sesame oil; then sprinkle the peanut rice on the plate, and finally pour the adjusted sauce on it.
If you like spicy food, you can add some peppers.

Second, chop peppers into eggs and dried eggs Method 1, wash the prepared ingredients for later use, it is best to keep them at hand, where you can get them.

2. Cut the cleaned eggs evenly into pieces, and change the eggs into pieces.

Place on a plate and shape.

3. Put the right amount of raw soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sugar, put them in the same small bowl, and then pour the right amount of water and stir well.

4. After heating the wok, pour in the sesame oil. After the lamp oil is hot, pour the peppers in.

5. After the sesame oil is fried out of the chopped pepper, stir in the prepared sauce, and stir well, then pour out the sauce and let cool.

6. Pour the sauce into the egg tray, and sprinkle some garlic seedlings (cut the garlic seedlings into small pieces).