Make expensive eye cream eliminate class bags

Make expensive eye cream eliminate class bags

Once you have bags under your eyes, the whole person looks unconscious, so it is urgent to eliminate them.

In fact, eliminating eye bags may not necessarily require expensive eye cream, cabbage-priced materials, simple massage techniques . maybe effective.

  1. Vitamin E capsule absorbs the eye skin every night. If you can use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to relieve and massage the skin under the eyes for 4 weeks before going to bed, it can eliminate the bags under the eyes and alleviate the good effects of aging.
  2. Cucumber slices apply figs or cucumber slices on the skin under the eyes before going to bed. Persistence can receive the cosmetic effect of relieving the bags under the eyes.

Tea can also be made by immersing papaya and mint in hot water, and it is often taken on the skin under the eyes after cooling.

  3. Avoid pulling the lower eyelid at will with some cream or oil on the face, and hit the face with your finger upwards. Pay special attention to tapping on the weak skin around the eyes.

Usually avoid avoiding arbitrarily pulling the lower eyelid or extending it too much.

  4, pay attention to diet and nutrition in the daily diet often chew this kind of carrots and celery or chewing gum.

In general, you should pay attention to eating colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and other foods. Pay attention to balance. It can provide the necessary nutrients for the regeneration of local tissue cells, and it is also beneficial to eliminate the bags under the eyes.

  5. Apply black tea to the lower eye bags to treat the lower eye bags. Some people abroad use chamomile, fine black tea or rose seeds, etc., and use warm castor oil or olive oil, and apply a wet compress on the eye bags for 15 minutes to several hours a day.These substances help solve the problem of capsular bags that appear under the eyes.

  Next, I will introduce to you a very useful set of eye bag massage exercises Step 1. After applying eye cream with rapid blood circulation, look up, and use the ring of your ring finger to quickly pat the lower part of the eye. The number of taps is 20Times or so.

  Step 2. Pat the middle finger and the ring finger of the finger to lift and massage, pat gently from the inner eyelid to the temple, and lift upward, repeat 3 times.

  Step 3. Separate the middle finger from the ring finger with the brow bone translation massage. Separate the pair of eyebrow from the end of the eyebrow. Follow the brow bone to move the ring finger from the inside to the end of the eyebrow. Then pull the ring finger and the middle finger together toward the temple.3 times.
  Step 4. For V-shaped pull massage, cross the V-shape with the index finger and middle finger, extend from the inner eyelid to the temple, and repeat it 3 times.