Recommended 3 nutritional recipes for nourishing the liver

Recommended 3 nutritional recipes for nourishing the liver

The liver is the largest detoxification organ of the human body. The food we eat every day, more of the toxin waste is metabolized by the liver, so the liver is very hard. Therefore, we should pay more attention to protect the liver in the body, and I recommend it to everyone 3Liver Nutrition Recipes.

  1. Poria millet porridge material: 60 grams of coix seed, 150 grams of millet, 20 grams of Poria cocos.

  Method: Wash the above materials, wrap soil Poria with gauze, and cook into porridge at the same time.

  How to take: Take out Poria cocos and drink porridge, several times a week.

  Should avoid: Avoid tea when serving.

  Description: The soil Poria is sweet and mild, non-toxic, enters the liver and stomach, and can be used for dampness and detoxification, strengthening the spleen and stomach, strengthening bones and bones, anti-inflammatory and clearing heat; millet ganping;

The whole prescription clears heat and dehumidifies, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and has poor ability to detoxify the liver. It is prone to eczema, skin disorders, prevention of fractures and bone pain, and sore ulcers and sores.

  2. Fried jujube with red dates: 15 jujubes, 15 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of black fungus, salt, sesame oil, spring onion, ginger, 100 ml of water.

  Method: Wash and soak the black and white fungus and cut into strips for later use; wash (split) the jujube for later use; after the ginger is fragrant, add the prepared black and white fungus and stir fry a few times, thenAdd the washed jujube, cover the pot with water and simmer for 5 minutes, then quickly stir-fry, add the seasoning after the soup is ready to eat.

  How to take it: When the main course is estimated, use it several times a week.

  Should avoid: use with caution in those with diarrhea.

  Explanation: Jujube is a food rich in many vitamins and can be said to be a treasure trove of vitamins.

The fungus has the effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, as well as the effect of nourishing the kidney.

Can increase human body resistance.

  3, Ganoderma frozen materials: 10 grams of ganoderma, 10 red dates, 500 ml of water, 10 grams of agar powder, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash and add ganoderma, boil over high heat and fry on low heat for 30 minutes, filter and take the juice, add red dates and cook for 15 minutes, then add rock sugar, add arugula powder, melt and put into a container, then put in the refrigeratorLet it freeze and serve immediately.

  How to take it: Take it as a snack.

  Should avoid: those with diarrhea, those with cold stomach and stomach.

  Description: Ganoderma contains 17 kinds of amino acids and 23 kinds of trace elements, which can delay the aging of the human body, strengthen the body and strengthen the physique. The taste of traditional Chinese medicine is slightly bitter from the gamping belt, which is beneficial to calming the nerves, and supplements the red datesThe spleen-invigorating effect is of great help for liver qi dispersal and the relief of liver fire.

  The above 3 recipes have the effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, so everyone can usually eat more, especially those who like to drink alcohol, because alcohol hurts the liver the most. Drinking alcohol once, the liver takes a long time to complete metabolismAnd it takes a long time to recover, so people who are alcoholic are more likely to eat these liver foods.