Research says the birth month affects the length of life

Research says the birth month affects the length of life

We all know that the acquired lifestyle and eating habits are very helpful in extending life expectancy, but a recent US study pointed out that some innate factors can also affect people’s longevity, such as the birth month of a person, the possibility that a person born in autumn can cross a hundred years old.More sexual.

The life of American-born people born in the fall has been the highest in the United States. According to the latest statistics from the US Census Bureau, about 70,000 Americans have crossed the 100-year-old threshold and are expected to increase in 2050.Up to 600,000 people.

The study found that people born in the fall may be more likely to cross the 100-year-old threshold, and believe that longevity is closely related to the month of birth.

Citing American media reports, an analysis of 70,000 centenarians in the United States found that in addition to lifestyle, personality traits, and rarely taking medicine, there are some congenital determinants that affect the life of the world.With the month of birth.

The researchers pointed out that the survey results show that there is a clear advantage as a woman, because 70,000 people in Ruizhong account for 80%.

In addition, including normal life and open, optimistic mind, happy life is conducive to mental health, and does not smoke, maintain a healthy posture.

The researchers also found that people born in the fall were replaced by those born earlier, because the environment in contact with people in the early stages of life would affect the life expectancy. Some pregnant women ingested insufficient nutrients in the winter, exposed to the sun, so the body synthesized vitaminsD is also relatively reduced, and these factors contribute to the health of the baby born in spring, with long-term adverse effects.

Another study by Boston University School of Medicine found that half of the family’s direct blood relatives or grandparents are older, so the family’s genes also affect lifespan.

Researchers, although genes and some innate conditions affect the length of life, but the main key to determining longevity is regular life and exercise, accounting for about 7 or 80%, if the weekly fixed fast walk 2 .

5 hours, extending the life of more than 3 years.