Head massage method, head massage method


Head massage method, head massage method

Rubbing: Use your fingers or palms to penetrate the skin surface.

The movement should be slow, don’t use force, do it rhythmically, don’t be slow and slow, be even and moderate.

This method can help the skin of the muscles, improve the skin temperature, cleanse the skin, make the skin shiny, and improve the function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

According to the law: use the middle finger’s fingertips to rhythmically at the appropriate acupoints, and massage together as soon as possible.

The strength of the wrist is required to drive the operating part, and the operation is balanced rhythmically with the breathing.

The intensity should be gradually increased from light to heavy.

The strength of the force should be different depending on the inserted part, and the comfort level of the person being massaged should also be considered.

According to the law, the meridians can be dredged, the occlusion can be opened, the analgesia can be relieved, and the skin can be stretched.

It can reduce excessive nerve excitement, relax muscles, improve tissue blood circulation, and change the stasis state in lymphatic vessels.

Mofa: Use your fingers or your fingertips to make a gentle swing movement parallel to the skin at the occupied acupoints or on a part of the body surface.

It is required to be gentle and gentle during massage, and should not be light or heavy.

This method has the effect of neutralizing qi, can eliminate the product of stagnation, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, reduce swelling and dispelling cold, regulate blood and blood, relieve pain and wrinkle.

It can improve the function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, improve local skin temperature, promote aging cell replacement, and accelerate blood and lymph circulation.

Pick up the thumb and the index finger, the middle finger or use the thumb and the other four fingers to bend into a curved shape. In the resulting acupuncture point or muscle fullness, hold it tightly and forcefully. It is often used for the cervical vertebrae or shoulder of the cervical vertebra.Massage of the deltoid muscles.

The difference between holding and pinching is that, from the shape of the hand, the method is curved, and the pinching method is pin-shaped.

The area where the force is applied is relatively large, and the pinch method is relatively small.

When operating, the operating area is driven by the vitality of the finger.

It is less irritating.

The operation should be soothing and powerful, the movement should be coherent, coordinated, and lighter and heavier.

Pick up the law to open the occluded meridians, reconcile the blood, loose the tendon.

It can strengthen blood circulation, improve local metabolism, enhance joint orientation and muscle contraction.

Shooting method: hands or one hand palm attached to the skin, alternating up and down, rhythmically tapping the acupuncture points or a certain part.

Exercise should be moderate, not remake, pay attention to the rhythm, use wrist force instead of arm strength.

Can relieve pain, relax muscles and eliminate fatigue.

Knocking the law: Make a rhythmic hit with both hands.

When the massage requires the wrist to relax, the finger should have a rebound force, the speed can be fast or slow, and it is better to feel comfortable when knocked.

It calms and calms the nerves and eliminates muscle fatigue.

Kneading: Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch your face for an instant action.

The intensity should be light, and the area of the skin should be small, and it should be regular.

This massage method can stimulate the skin, prevent muscle relaxation and delay skin aging.

Stimulates the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, keeps the skin smooth, moisturizes the sputum method: the hands are naturally bent, the fingertips make a rapid continuous point contact on the skin, the direction is perpendicular to the face, and the gar is made up and down.

The method of squatting relies on the wrist force. The two fingers touch the massaged area. The force should not be too heavy. Especially for the eyes, it should be comfortable to be massaged.

This method is light and slow, can inhibit nerves, calm and calm the nerves.

It is used in the eye to eliminate eye fatigue and prevent eye bags.