[How do Taiwanese snack shrimp pull eggs?

]_ Production method _ home practice

[How do Taiwanese snack shrimp pull eggs?
]_ Production method _ home practice

It may be that many people in the Mainland have not eaten shrimp and eggs, but in Taiwan, this is a very popular snack. This cuisine is very creative. In addition to shrimp, quail eggs are generally used. In addition,You need low-gluten flour and baking powder. The production process is still very sophisticated. Let’s teach you the authentic method of Taiwanese shrimp pull eggs.

The practice of Taiwanese snack shrimp pulling eggs: Chinese people like shrimp most. They come from home and usually make prawns at home.

The uncle changed the practice of prawns and made a plate of prawn eggs. The family said after eating, this dish is reliable and delicious!

In fact, the ingredients are eaten together, which is more nutritious, and not too greasy to eat, both adults and children love to eat.

Today, my uncle went to the kitchen to teach you how to eat shrimp and eggs. I hope I can eat and have fun!

Low gluten flour 50g, baking powder 5g, wheat starch 8g, water 85g, 15 fresh shrimp, 15 quail eggs, the right amount of seaweed powder, the right amount of tomato sauce 1, first put the powdered materials in a bowl for use, add water and stirEvenly, for the convenience of pouring the batter, put the batter in a measuring cup with a pointed beaker for use; 2. Then prepare the quail eggs, chop the fresh shrimp and keep the tail. I bought a large shrimp, so I removed, And then cut the tail open, easy to put in the mold; 3, then brush the octopus balls with a little oil to start heating, turn off the heat after heating, pour the batter and put shrimp; 4. Finally, add quail eggs to a small fire, cover with a suitable size pot or pot lid, cook the surface thoroughly, sprinkle the moss powder, and squeeze a little tomato sauce, you can eat!

The method is simple, and the nutritious and delicious shrimp pull eggs are ready. It is cleaner and healthier than the night market, and it is delicious. Try it if you like!

Tips for uncles 1. It is also possible to use eggs instead of quail eggs. Marinate the prawns to remove the fishy smell of the prawns; 2. The mold must be heated first, or the surface is not well cooked;Yes, or it will overflow if you add shrimp and quail eggs.

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