The funds went north to buy, and the core assets were bottom-sold. Is it really a golden pit?

The funds went north to buy, and the core assets were “bottom-sold”. Is it really a golden pit?

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A shares evaporate 4.

At 8 trillion yuan, 3212 shares were closed on the daily limit. Funds in the north were sold out, and core assets were “sold out.” Is it really a golden pit?

The cumulative number of confirmed cases nationwide exceeds 1.

Source of 70,000: Data Bao original Liang Qian just hit the limit of the stock limit, the A-share market opened the door in the year, and a rare 3,000-share limit was staged on A-shares.

  On the first trading day of the year of the rat, except for a few related stocks affected by the Wuhan epidemic, the number of A shares increased by nearly 95.

55% of the stock floated green.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 7 today.

72%, directly below all moving averages.

  Over 3,000 A-shares limit-stopped epidemic concept stocks staged a monologue on the surface of the market. A-shares dropped 3,596, of which 3,212 were limit-stopped. The number of limit-stops was the highest in history. All four stocks, including transportation equipment, securities, public transportation, and shipping, fell.

From the perspective of market value, the total value of A stock market has evaporated today4.

At 83 trillion yuan, the market value of giants such as PetroChina, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Life Insurance, Ping An of China, and Maotai of Guizhou evaporated more than 50 billion yuan.

  The fact that such a large-scale plunge has been rare in the history of A-shares, even during the trial of the 2015 stock disaster and the early 2016 circuit breaker is not common.

Securities Times · Databao statistics show that in the past two decades, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has fallen by more than 5% in one day 48 times, and only 4 times in the past four years.

Excluding today, the next day the Shanghai Index fell by more than 5% on the next day, the number of consecutive reductions was 15 times, the number of increases was 32 times, and the growth probability was 68%.

Over time, the number of strong rebounds in the broader market index has declined. Overall, the probability of a rebound the next day is high, but due to the influence of various factors in the market, the uncertainty of the trend change in the short term hinders.

  The A-share market opened in the year of the rat and the epidemic concept stocks staged a one-man show.

Wuhan pneumonia has the most direct impact on masks, anti-virus, disinfection, medical protection and other related companies. Today, it is the first bright spot in the two cities.

The data shows that in the A-share acute segment, only the pneumonia concept, in vitro diagnostics, biological vaccines, and medical devices and other four indexes became popular. Among them, the pneumonia concept index rose sharply against the market.

27%, becoming the market’s biggest hit.

The daily limit of 35 pneumonia concept stocks includes Uni-Phase Pharmaceutical, Teda, Yangpu Medical, Sihuan Biological (right protection), Lukang Medicine, etc.

  Beishang Capital reversed the market by adding 18.2 billion U.S. dollars to A-shares and caused a large number of investors to go bankrupt. However, Beishang Capital reversed the market today to increase their positions and injected confidence into the market.

Data show that Beijing’s capital has a net inflow of 18.2 billion today. In terms of the Shanghai Stock Connect, Ping An of China has a net purchase of 23.

25 billion, Guizhou Moutai received a net purchase of 12.

83 billion.

As for Shenzhen Stock Connect, Gree Electric made a net purchase of 9.

2.0 billion, Ningde Times made a net purchase of 8.

44 billion.

Slightly weighted white horse stocks were bought by the main funds against the market. Data Bao statistics show that Lixun Precision, Vanke A, Gree Electric Appliances, Yonghui Supermarket, Maotai of Guizhou, and China National Travel Service have received net purchases of more than 100 million yuan.

  One of the leading technology stocks, Lixun Precision, received a net purchase of 2 from the main fund today.

At 6.8 billion, the stock opened the limit limit today. Under the huge influx of funds, the limit limit plate opened during the session and closed down by 9.

86%, the day’s turnover is enlarged to 48.

800 million yuan.

Luxion Precision merged 5G concepts, wireless headsets, Huawei concepts, consumer electronics, and other hot spots. It hit an all-time high on January 22, and the current A stock market value fell to 217.7 billion.

Vanke A, a real estate leader with a daily limit in early trading, received a net purchase of 1 from the main fund.

7.4 billion, 41 were traded on the day.

200 million, closing down 8 in late trading.11%.

Gree Electric Appliances, a leading appliance company, received a net purchase of 1 from the main fund.

66 trillion, turnover of 65 trillion, the stock also hit a daily limit in the early trading today, closing down 8 in late trading.


  Vulcan Mountain Hospital started accepting patients today. The number of confirmed cases and deaths of pneumonia in Wuhan is still on the rise. According to data from the State and provincial and municipal health and health committees, until 19:01 on February 3, the nationwide confirmed cases of pneumonitis with new-type coronavirus infection reachedThere were 17,335 cases, 21558 suspected cases, 361 deaths and 533 cures.

  At present, Wuhan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work is in full swing, and urgently needed materials for epidemic prevention and control are being processed at the same time.

Among the listed companies, Donghua Energy, TEDA Group, Zhende Medical, Yangpu Medical, Renhe Pharmaceutical, and Lanfan Medical are all producing masks at full capacity.

  The latest data released by the General Administration of Customs on February 3 shows that China imported 2 from January 24 to February 2.

400 million pieces of epidemic prevention and control materials, valued at 8.

100 million yuan, including masks 2.

200 million pieces, more than 2.5 million pieces of protective clothing, 27 goggles.

90,000 pairs.

In just one day on February 2, China imported 5071.

80,000 masks.

  Since the outbreak of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the country has joined forces and joined forces to form a city, starting a battle to prevent epidemic without smoke.

Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the leader of the scientific research team for the joint prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of the new type of coronavirus infection, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency on February 2 that he should have a scientific understanding of the 2019-nCoV pneumonia epidemic and conduct scientific research.Effective prevention and control to avoid unnecessary panic.

  ”The epidemic situation in the country is still on the rise, but we judge that there should not be a national outbreak, but it may only be a partial outbreak.

Zhong Nanshan said that in the face of the 2019-nCoV pneumonia epidemic, the most primitive and effective method is still “early detection and early isolation.”

  Zhong Nanshan said that the current government has adopted a variety of alternatives to effectively replace the source of infection, greatly reducing the second and third generation infections. We estimate that the upcoming epidemic is expected to peak in the next 10 days to about two weeks (Jin Qilin analyst), but weWe still need to strengthen prevention and control, and we cannot relax our vigilance.

  Wuhan Huoshenshan New Crown Pneumonia Specialty Hospital, which was commissioned in critical condition, started to officially accept patients today, mainly treating confirmed patients.

A total of 1,000 beds at Vulcan Hill Hospital were started on January 24 and officially delivered yesterday (February 2). It took 10 days and around 7,500 builders participated. The site ‘s 24-hour live broadcast page was viewed by more than 8,000 people.

As of 12:00 noon on February 3, it was constructed by the China Construction Third Bureau, and Wuhan Raytheon Hill Hospital organized and implemented by Wuhan Real Estate Group was 80% complete.

  Institutions shouted that the “golden pit” showed that even more A-shares were hit hard by the epidemic on the first trading day of the Spring Festival, but the market generally believes that this round of adjustment may form a “golden pit” to bring better mid- and long-term investment opportunities.

The Bank of China Fund believes that the new pneumonia epidemic will obviously affect the short-term operating rhythm of the stock market, but it will not change the medium- and long-term operating trend. In the short-term, creditor stocks will regain upward momentum once the epidemic subsides.

  Anxin strategy stated that from a variety of historical related experiences, the epidemic situation may often be the core contradiction of the market only in the most rapid development period. From the middle, the market still operates according to the direction determined by endogenous trends.

Because the overall situation of coronary disease in the short term will affect the economy to a certain extent, it will also cause a temporary downward movement of the overall market index platform. The market may quickly make up after the holiday to complete the expected adjustment, but the market ‘s medium-to-long-term trendAnd the structure of the main line logic has not been destroyed by the coronary epidemic.

The epidemic situation will always pass. The essence of the market’s fall next week actually brings a “golden pit” of strategic layout, especially the rare opportunities brought by the adjustment of high-quality technology stocks.

  Southwest Securities pointed out that the short-term impact of the epidemic was mainly achieved by reducing investors’ economic expectations.

In the medium and long term, the epidemic will not change the trend of China’s economic development, and it will not change the import substitution of related industries. The long-term growth trend is in the core assets of medicine, communications, electronics, computers and other fields.Significant just appears, it is an excellent time to layout related assets.

In general, there are shocks in the short term and not pessimism in the long term.

As far as core assets are concerned, big plunges and big buys, small plunges 苏州夜网论坛 and small buys, persist for a long time.