Home ranking affects personality?

Home ranking affects personality?

“The order of rank in the family is an important factor in personality formation.

“This is Philip, a famous American professor of psychology?

Some of the findings from a series of investigations by Viry.

Professor Flake from MIT?

Sharowe also explained this problem from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. He believes that the competition and countermeasures between siblings in order to gain parents’ emotional attention are the main factors for personality formation in adulthood.

So, what are the differences in the personalities of the bosses in the family, middle-born children, old children, and only children, and how does this personality affect their future work and marriage?

On these issues, the reporter interviewed Xu Yan, a professor at the School of Psychology of Beijing Normal University.

  The boss is kind and has a strong sense of responsibility. Professor Xu Yan believes that since the boss is the first child of the parents and is well recognized by the parents, the responsibility for family business often falls on the boss.

Parents’ love for the boss is not doting, or stricter love, for the cultivation of perseverance. Therefore, the boss is generally tenacious and kind.

In addition, the so-called “eldest brother is like a father”, the boss also has to take care of his siblings, their lives are under severe pressure.

  The boss’s character is reflected in the work, he will be over-responsible, do things solidly, and easily get achievements.

An early United States survey showed that of the 26 astronauts, there were 23 bosses or only children.

In a marriage relationship, the boss is more likely to assume family responsibilities, and the marriage relationship is generally stable.

However, the boss often pays too much attention to family responsibilities and will ask his partner to filialize his parents and take care of his brothers and sisters. In this way, the companion feels that his position is behind the boss’s family members. If the handling is not good, it will easily affect the husband-wife relationship.
  There are two tendencies for middle-aged children. For middle-born children, they have neither received their parents’ understanding of the boss nor loved by their grandmother.

They face multiple complicated interpersonal relationships with older brothers, older sisters, and younger brothers and sisters, which may make their characters have two different tendencies: one is rebellious and hopes to get more attention from parents; the other is dealing with brothersIn the sister relationship, they have been exercised and have better intercourse and adaptability.

Professor Xu said that in the middle of work, children born in the middle are not very clear about their career.

Because of its special living environment, it is difficult to speculate on the influence of his personality on marriage.

  As the youngest child of the parents, the old woman is smart and well-behaved, and the old woman often gets more favor.

Old wives are generally very clever, because they have been trained and trained by their brothers and sisters since childhood, and they have learned during the play.

Compared with their peers, they are more thinking of older children and develop intelligence earlier.

Because the parents generally do not expect the old man to take on heavy family responsibilities, the old man’s living environment is less stressful and more relaxed, so his personality is usually more flexible and happy.

Because they are often protected, they may show naughty or well-behaved traits, but old wives often lack perseverance.

  Professor Xu believes that when encountering difficulties at work, the old woman is used to asking for help.

In marriage, they are more self-centered and less concerned about each other.

  The only child is like the boss and the oldest. The only child has the characteristics of both the oldest and the oldest.

However, because of the lack of support between siblings, only children have conflicting personalities.

For example, they are very responsible, but they are also generally selfish and have less patience.

Their personality is greatly influenced by their parents.

  If both parties to the marriage are free only children, the responsibilities between them will be relatively small, and the marriage relationship may be severely skewed.

Professor Xu elite, although the only child growing up environment is excellent, but compared with previous generations, they face the pressure of higher education, employment and alone and adoptive parents.

  Of course, the birth order of an individual in the family is not the only factor that determines an individual’s personality. Some other variables such as gender, physical fitness, and local social factors will change the influence of birth order on personality formation.