A la carte can sharpen your entrepreneurial ability

A la carte can sharpen your entrepreneurial ability

When you go to a hotel with friends or other people, when you order, usually: A, regardless of others, only order what you want.

  B, order the same dishes as others.

  C, first say what you want to eat.

  D, click first, and then move according to the nature of the surroundings.

  E, hesitant, order slowly.

  F, ask the staff to explain the situation of the dish before ordering.

  Test results: A, decisive, easy to take the first step in entrepreneurship, but it is difficult to say whether it is correct.

  B, obedient, not suitable for entrepreneurship.

  C. With a straightforward personality and an open mind, it is suitable for entrepreneurship.

  D. Be cautious and lack a sense of the overall situation. Do not hesitate to start a business.

  E, Be meticulous, safety first.

More entrepreneurial advantages.

  F, hate the command of others, if you can be modest, it will be more helpful to entrepreneurship.